Tenancy Support Service

Tenancy Support Service,
Pillar House,
19 - 21 South Parade,

Phone:01302 361777

Fax:01302 361163

At risk of losing your home or moving into a new place after being homeless?

The Tenancy Support Service works with people who are:

  • Moving into a new property / tenancy and need help to make sure they settle in. For example help understanding a tenancy, setting up gas and electric, finding carpets and furniture, sorting our welfare benefits.
  • Having difficulties managing their property / tenancy (e.g. mortgage / rent arrears, neighbour problems) providing the assistance and support necessary to enable them to manage their tenancy effectively and maintain independence.

The Tenancy Support Service will provide support to single people, couples, households with or without children. We will also provide support regardless of whether you are a council tenant, private tenant, housing association tenant, licensee or homeowner.

You can be helped by the tenancy support service if you:

  • Are aged 16 years or over
  • Have a need for support to prevent homelessness
  • Have a need for support to enable resettlement after a period of homelessness or very unsettled housing
  • Require support to live independently
  • Have a commitment to working with us and engaging with support

How to get referred?

You can refer yourself by

  • phoning 01302 361777or email
  • or pop into our main office; Pillar House, 19-21 South Parade, Doncaster, DN1 2DJ

Agencies working with people can also refer on their behalf.

We offer

  • To sit down with you, listen to you, agree what your needs are and what you want to achieve with us
  • A named worker who will meet and work with you (your key-worker)
  • Trained and professional workers
  • To agree an action plan with you and work with you to meet that action plan
  • That your worker will agree times with you to meet and work on the things you want / need to address
  • To refer you to other agencies e.g. health, the Council as you require

We cannot offer

  • Care services – such as bathing or giving you your medication
  • Cleaning of your room
  • Doing your laundry
  • Repair services

What we expect from you

  • That you attend the meetings set up with your key-worker
  • You attend meetings set up by your key worker for you with other agencies
  • You commit to working with us towards the things you wish / need to achieve. We realise its hard and that sometimes things don't go how they are planned, but we do need your commitment.
  • You take your responsibilities seriously such as keeping your tenancy agreement, respecting others and taking responsibility for your own actions

What you can expect from us

  • That we treat you with respect.
  • That you will be treated fairly and without discrimination
  • That we listen to you
  • That we will give you accurate information regarding our service
  • That we will consult you regarding our service
  • That we will provide the services that we have stated we will provide
  • That we will help you to maintain your accommodation / settle into a new home.
  • That we will work with other agencies to get the best for you e.g. Health / training / education services

What we expect to achieve

That within a period of around 6 months you will be secure in the home that was previously under threat or one that you have moved into. That in this time you will have been able to work with your Key-worker on a number of areas which will enable you to be able to keep your new accommodation.

For more information about M25 and our other service or if you have any questions about The Tenancy Support Service please contact 01302 361777.